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We provide turn-key RFID solutions and integrated systems with innovative equipment that we design and produce. The HW is accompanied by our comprehensive modular RFID SW Platform, which can cover a wide range of user requirements.


We invest heavily in the training of our team, so we can guarantee the highest level of service and best in class RFID solutions.

Investment Models

As part of our comprehensive service offering, we can provide Return Of Investment (ROI) calculations as well as help our customers evaluate the Net Present Value (NPV) of their potential RFID investment.

Successful Projects

We have a number of successful projects as well as a growing list of satisfied prominent international client tell.

“Bring the IoT / RFID Revolution to your Supply Chain and Asset Management”

Our Solutions

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Distribution Centers

Introduce a new level of automation to all your production processes within the warehouse, from picking, to storing, to order checking and shipping


Managing and finding assets

Automated asset & inventory tracking, providing traceability and historical tracking information as well as a diverse number of reports for your Business Intelligence and Decision Making.


Supervision of supply chain processes

Extensive order checking from the Distribution Centers to their depos and retail shops in real time, accompanied by fast and effortless order receipt, reliable search capabilities for items and lightning fast inventory.


Industrial Laundries and Hotels

End to end solution, ensuring a fast and reliable delivery and receipt of your linen between Industrial Laundries and their customers. It enables a fast process cycle, increased service level, and more efficient management of linen through their life cycle, as well as a reduction of their total cost.


Personnel Management

An effective way to estimate staff productivity as well as accurately estimate cost of production and labor utilization per production / batch / job. Obtain reliable and automated staff reports, increased staff availability, better resource / staff distribution and greater security.


Waste management

Automatic Identification of garbage bins, correlation with weight information and location control using the onboard GPS station of the garbage collection vehicle. All the necessary information is collected in our central system, enabling better decision making and work force management.


Library Management

Procedures such as book search, lending, returning and sorting are fully automated, upgrading your library services.


Patient Safety

Finding patients in real time. Our solution creates a link between the patient's condition and the Hospital Information System. Automating the administrative / management processes, such as, patient admission, transportation, discharge, providing a secured level of reliability and security.


Document Tracking

The research for important documents becomes a very easy and quick process. By reducing research time and allowing a better overview of documents, finding documents becomes easy and painless.

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Automatic Vehicle Identification

Automatic positioning of cars in multiple areas, with the lowest possible investment per car. It is an ideal solution for companies with a large fleet of cars and multiple points of storage. The solution extends to extensive reporting capabilities and many management tools for monitoring and analyzing information.

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IoT Ready

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RFID Specialty

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is an advanced Automated Data Collection (ADC) technology that enables remote detection and wireless identification of objects using radio waves of different frequencies, depending on the nature and the material of the objects, the required distances, the recognition specifications and the operating environment.

RFID labels resemble those of barcodes, but they also contain a microchip and an antenna to communicate directly and, unlike barcode labels, they don’t need visual contact and individual scanning from the corresponding readers, absorbing required energy from their RF field.

We implement integrated automation solutions and provide high-level professional services (project management, installation, training, etc.)

We design, manufacture and distribute standardized and customized equipment with embedded RFID components, such as: RFID systems on tracks, production lines, conveyor belts, packing equipment, pallet machines, packing machines, etc.

We design and distribute specialized software tools that bridge the gap between RFID technology and your system software (ERP, WMS, CRM, etc.)

We support projects by through tailored SLAs based on your needs, providing the maximum after sales value to your project.


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